5 Highly Profitable Passive Income Strategies You Can Do From Home!

So... We ALL want it but most people never get it.

That wonderful PASSIVE INCOME!

For over a DECADE (yes, 10+ years) I have made 6-figures in PASSIVE PROFITS... That means, I did all the work up-front and got paid MONTH after MONTH after MONTH, on AUTO-PILOT...

...And yes, it may sound a bit cliché, but I made that money IN MY SLEEP.

Why? Because I'm from the UK and my customer base has typically always been 80% in the United States.

Which means, I go to sleep and wake up RICHER!

So, how come MOST people never make a penny of truly PASSIVE income but I've been able to make MILLIONS from it?

It's not because I'm smart, trust me lol...

ANYBODY can do this. But you have to have the RIGHT strategy and be willing to put in the WORK!

So, I hear you saying,

"Matt, I'm willing to put in the work, just tell me what I have to do for it?!?"

I'll tell you right now...

There's no ONE best strategy, but ALL of the strategies require you to FRONT LOAD the work.

So expect to go ALL IN, before you get to CASH OUT!

Here's 5 of my favorite PASSIVE INCOME STRATEGIES right now.

1. Print On Demand

Print on demand or POD as it's known in the industry is just creating DESIGNS (or having somebody create the designs for you) and then uploading them to POD sites & marketplaces.

Your design can be placed on T-shirts, mugs, shoes, stickers and all sorts of random products and they ONLY get printed when a customer purchases them, which means NO stock to hold, you can just create a bunch of designs and upload them at ZERO cost to you - when they sell, they get printed and shipped, and YOU make money!

I make EXTREMELY passive income from designs created YEARS ago, uploaded once and then FORGOTTEN about.

Some of the best POD sites include RED BUBBLE, MERCH by AMAZON, TEESPRING and ZAZZLE.

There are software tools out there that allow you to upload to multiple sites at once, check out Orbitkit for one such piece of software. 

2. Outsourced Online Arbitrage 

This business model is super simple. You just buy products from normal stores, online - at a discount. And then flip them for a profit on Amazon!

Sound crazy right?

I know TONNES of people making THOUSANDS of $£'s per year in their spare time doing ONLINE ARBITRAGE. 

Now, some people reading this might be SCREAMING at their screens... Online Arbitrage is NOT PASSIVE!

Well, no, not how MOST people do it, but it can be made 99.9% passive if you know how. You'll need some capital to make this work. A few thousand should do it.

You get your DEALS sourced by a deal sourcing service like OnlineArbitrageDeals.com. You Analyze those deals with a tool called BuyBotPro.

And then you get them prepped by EasyPrepUK in the UK or PrimeZeroPrep in the US. Then you have Amazon FBA ship the goods and that outsources 95%+ of the business model!

Then you get either a VA from the Philippines from OnlineJobs.ph or somebody you know to do the other 5%. DONE! Outsourced!

Yes, there's a few moving parts, but it CAN be done! 

3. Mini-video courses on Udemy 

This one is great and can be made EXTREMELY passive and LOW effort needed after the initial setup.

You find a PROFITABLE niche (and Udemy Marketplace Insights can help you with this), and then you create a short 2 hour mini-video course on it.

You can outsource this bit for 100% passive profits but I think it's best for YOU to create it and upload it.

Then you simply create a sales page, get a few initial reviews - 10 is the PERFECT number, hopefully all POSITIVE ones - and then you just FORGET IT and build another, and another, and another.

You can very quickly create hundreds, thousands or even 10's of thousands of dollars per month PASSIVE INCOME and it doesn't get more set and forget than this.

GREAT business model for truly passive profits!

4. SEO Based Affiliate Marketing

Leveraging the TWO biggest search engines in the world, Google & YouTube you can create content - blogs or videos and get them ranked in the big TWO.

Then you simply do some gentle PRE-SELL by recommending or reviewing affiliate products to the traffic streams you have created.

Once ranked, blog posts and YouTube videos can send traffic for months or even YEARS to come without doing ANYTHING else.

A beautiful little set and forget strategy that works like CRAZY and rewards you more and more over time as your content 'seasons'.

5. Create a YouTube channel for AD REVENUE

Hey, I'm going to be honest here. Unless you can get MILLIONS of subscribers, you're unlikely to get RICH from YouTube ad revenue share.

Having said that, it's probably one of the EASIEST long term strategies for MAKING PASSIVE INCOME online!

Create videos on a niche topic, and over time some of your videos will hit it out of the park and you'll continue to earn $'s long after you created the videos!

YouTube rewards consistency and if you put up regular content your income will grow from hundreds, to thousands and maybe much more!

The downside is YouTube have made it HARDER for new creator to MONETIZE their channels with ad revenue share, you now need 1,000 subs and a certain amount of WATCH time to qualify, but to be honest, you'll likely make WAY more money by COMBINING this method with affiliate marketing for truly, hands-free, make money in your sleep type GOOD levels of income!

So, there you have it...

5 of my FAVORITE passive income business models right now...

There's GOOD money to be made if you're willing to put the effort in today, and reap the rewards later.

So get started and know that 6 or 12 months from now, those passive profits will likely be VERY real and growing nicely!

By Matt Webley

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