You are CLOSER than you ever knew to making more money than you ever imagined...

You are CLOSER than you ever knew to making more money than you ever imagined... Getting RICH.

No really. Do you doubt that?

Let me tell you why I'm right...

Traditionally you have been brought up to think that you WORD hard for money... You exchange TIME for money...

And that is a LINEAR model.

You work more. You get paid more.

You work less. You get paid less.

But the Internet does NOT work like that.

It is NOT a linear model.

You are NOT exchanging your time for money.

The beauty of this business is that you can DISCONNECT the relationship between TIME & MONEY.

Yes, you still have to work hard. At least in the beginning.

But when it takes off, it takes off REGARDLESS of how much time you put in.

Let me give you an example.

Your own Shopify drop shipping store.

You put in a tonne of work up-front, because you have to set up your store and populate it with products.

Then you have to test ads to find winning products.

And at FIRST... You don't make ANY money.

You will work for nothing essentially.

But it's NOT for nothing.


A cash-flowing PASSIVE asset.

See, it's a little down the line that if you got everything RIGHT your income can TAKE OFF LIKE A ROCKET!

And when it does. There will be NO STOPPING IT.

Let me explain.

See, if you're in a JOB right now. Let's say you're on $20 an hour.

You go to work. And you get paid by your boss $20 x the hours you worked (minus your taxes and stuff).

8 hour day, you earned $160. Give or take.

Great stuff.

...but then that's it.

You will not get anymore value out of those hours, no matter what you do. They are GONE FOREVER.

So you trade, MORE hours for money.

And before you know it, you become a slave to that exchange of time for money.

Let's look at the other thing now.

You spend 8 hours setting up your own Shopify store and you earn ZERO.

Yep, zero.

But now you have an ASSET.

That store is capable of SENDING YOU MONEY 24/7. 365.

Money on Christmas day.

Money Sunday night at 2am.

Money when you're on holiday.

See, your own cash-flowing asset, or Internet business does NOT care one bit, about your time.

It's not a boss.

It doesn't decide when you can take a break.


So, after the initial "WORK IN"...

... (which to be fair, you can outsource).


Send it targeted traffic and it will SEND YOU MONEY.

Send it more traffic, OR convert that traffic better and it SEND YOU MORE MONEY.

But sending it traffic does NOT rely on you WORKING HOURS.

It can be a simple ad.

Maybe it takes you 5 minutes to set up.

But then you SCALE it.

No hours are exchanged here.

It's NOT a linear model.

Due to the nature and scalability of the Internet, making more money is a matter of putting your offer in front of a larger audience... NOT working harder.

I hope you see my point. Maybe I could have explained it better on video  :)


Once you get your PASSIVE income streams setup and in place...


It's not click button easy in the short term like some people try to promise, but boy does it beat a LIFETIME OF WORKING HARD, exchanging TIME FOR MONEY, and getting OLD IN THE PROCESS.

Put the work in NOW.

Decide you will do whatever it takes to MAKE IT.

And understand that the tough bit you're feeling now, will be totally worth it when it starts SNOWBALLING and the money rolls in whether your work or not!

Success is closer than you realize.

Get excited! 


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