A Beginners Overview To Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketting Feb 06, 2019

Affiliate marketing was the first proper money I made online around the year 2000...

I started in a journey that has made me seven figures in profits and eight figures in sales.


 Why is it a good business model?

  • It requires no money to get into
  • It has massive profit potential
  • It requires a very low skill set to get started
  • A lot of what you learn in this model can be transferred into most of business models online 

So what exactly is affiliate marketing?

You'll generate traffic and send it to a merchant, when that traffic buys and becomes a customer you get paid.

So it's like you're a virtual salesman or salesperson but you're not doing the selling face-to-face...

Once you’ve set up this income stream, it will be happening whilst you're asleep!

It’s a passive income stream... so you set it up once, it generates the traffic, it generates the sales and you get paid... That's the beauty of it.

What can you expect to be paid?


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