9 FREE Traffic Generation Methods For Affiliate Marketing

9 FREE Traffic Generation Methods For Affiliate Marketing...

I made my first money online in affiliate marketing, almost two decades ago now. It led me on a journey to where I am today which is an eight-figure seller. 

You can get into affiliate marketing with free traffic, which makes it super low risk to get started. What you learn along the way will actually develop a really high level skill set that you can apply to future projects.

You learn all kinds of bits about kind of persuasive copy and persuasion in print.

You learn about traffic generation.

You learn about conversion.

You might learn a little bit about split testing and all kinds things that are going to relate to everything you do online.

So, affiliate marketing is great for many reasons, whilst being beginner friendly.

This is an overview of some of the main FREE traffic generation methods that you might come across or you might try doing affiliate marketing.

Let's get started! 

1. Feeder site:

Now, you might have heard this referred to as a content site. I've always called it a feeder site. Basically it's an SEO based website. So, when I say SEO I mean search engine optimizes based web site.

These are basically sites with content on them that feed your money, feed your money offer, your money pages or your money site. 

The main driving factor of the traffic is probably going to be from Google.

So, basically it's as simple as this:

You build a website that's focused on a bunch of search terms and you structure it in a way that it feeds traffic through it, via search engines, and then on the other side you get money out. That's a feeder site.

These are usually going to be niche specific. You should aim for a micro niche or sub niche specific if you want to rank one in google. You're not going to make it anywhere near page one if you try to rank for something as broad as phones... But you might try and rank for something like rubber phone cases for iPhone 10.

But, to start with, you probably want low competition and low to medium traffic.

Now, it’d be lovely to say go for high traffic low, low competition but there's no such thing going forward. But, you get the idea don't try and don't try and optimize a website for weight loss.

2. Twitter:

Now, another way to generate free organic traffic is to build up a Twitter following.

I don't really focus on Twitter myself, but it's something that you could potentially use to kind of slide traffic through.

If you've already got a large Twitter following from the business then potentially you could generate some free traffic from that.

I've mention it here just to show you that there's a bunch of different options but this wouldn't be my number one or my number ten choice. 

3. Facebook group:


Now this one's much better and I definitely would recommend this kind of traffic generation. Facebook groups are awesome for a bunch of different reasons.

  • Facebook loves them
  • They are free to start
  • You build a community
  • You're unlikely to get just one offs affiliate commissions.

I'm really a big fan of Facebook groups right now and the affiliate marketing business model works really well with Facebook groups.

4. SEO based content: 

We've talked about this already to a certain extent with feeder sites. I'm mentioning it again because it doesn't always have to be on your own content site. SEO based content can be on another platform.

 This is you putting some SEO based content on somebody else's platform.  don't know if anybody's dinosaur enough like me to remember platforms like Squidoo and these web 2.0 platforms that they call them at the time.

Now, you're always gonna be better in the long term creating your own site that ranks in Google than this but this is usually quicker and a bit more cash flow based.

5. YouTube channel:

This brings us on to YouTube channels.

YouTube channels are pretty cool.

The downside of YouTube is there is an absolute ton of creators creating content for YouTube. It's never been more competitive on YouTube and that's not set to decline anytime soon. The competition increases month on month, year on year and therefore your, your visibility in the search results of YouTube can decrease as well.

The beauty of YouTube is you might think you need a million subscribers to get anywhere with YouTube and that is simply not the case. You could have a channel that is only a few months old with 50-100 subscribers then you could put a video out there that gets 10,000, 20,000 views.

Youtube videos rank extremely well in Google, so a lot of this stuff crosses over and you carry a skill set over into other areas of internet marketing.

6. Podcasts:

Podcasts is another one.

Now I don't think it's totally free to start a podcast but it might as well be. I've mentioned it in free because it's not your traditional kind of paid methods of generating traffic like pay per click or something like that.

You can start your own podcast on a niche specific topic and then literally create offers within your podcast. You send them from a podcast to a lead capture form then to an affiliate offer but there's an option there to build a podcast, build a following, build an audience, go to that engagement and all that stuff and then refer that traffic out to affiliate offers. 

7. Facebook pages:

Although Facebook pages are less effective these days as they are more focused on traditional business and brands, you can get Facebook pages ranked in Google.

The page alone might send some traffic to your page from Facebook, but your Facebook page could also rank in Google.

You don't have to have web design skills. You know how to sell your own website you have to do all that stuff. You can click create page on Facebook and potentially leverage a little bit traffic from Facebook and maybe even build a little bit of a following and leverage traffic from the search engines, too.

8. Blogs:

So Facebook pages and blogs are very similar.

They are also very similar to a feeder site and SEO based content, but the difference with a blog is typically a blog refers to more kind of content that's continuing updated.

You can set the blog up so that it doesn't age. I way prefer content sites or feeder sites to blogs because of that, because on a blog if you don't set it up right people will, will look at when your article was written and if it says 2015 on there people might just discount it and go off that's old.

If you like the idea of doing a blog and doing regular posts then it would be an absolute great thing to do.

9. Naughty Stuff:

I don't advise doing naughty stuff but I'm putting it here because a lot of people do. 

I advise if you're going to build any business online you have a long-term mindset because if not what are you doing it for.

I mention it here because along with all these things which are not naughty things if done in the way intended there's a bunch of naughty things you can do too.

Now, don't think this is an exhaustive list...

I just want to just give you an overview at this level.

Long gone are the days where money on the internet can be instant and easy.

There's probably the odd bit or bob you can do to make easy right now cash... But typically it doesn't.

If you're more interested in learning the high-end, dive deep make a bunch of money, super affiliate hacks there's secrets that the big boys don't want you want you to know.

They're things that make brings you into the top 1%. The stuff that makes affiliate marketing program owners go WOW.

If you want to learn the advanced side to affiliate marketing you can get my course here: https://www.secretwealthtraining.com/secret-super-affiliate-system 


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