9 FREE Traffic Generation Methods For Affiliate Marketing

9 FREE Traffic Generation Methods For Affiliate Marketing...

I made my first money online in affiliate marketing, almost two decades ago now. It led me on a journey to where I am today which is an eight-figure seller. 

You can get into affiliate marketing with free traffic, which makes it super low risk to get started. What you learn along the way will actually develop a really high level skill set that you can apply to future projects.

You learn all kinds of bits about kind of persuasive copy and persuasion in print.

You learn about traffic generation.

You learn about conversion.

You might learn a little bit about split testing and all kinds things that are going to relate to everything you do online.

So, affiliate marketing is great for many reasons, whilst being beginner friendly.

This is an overview of some of the main FREE traffic generation methods that you might come across or you might try doing affiliate marketing.

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